“Our family has enjoyed the soft chappatis in different varieties with tasty accompaniments.
you can pick and choose your combination at your will and wish.”

“Very Tasty soft chappatis, with very good variations, prompt delivery and neatly packed”

Dr. Sudha Rani further says:

Chappati contains energy giving essential carbohydrates as well as good dietary fibre required for a healthy diet. so, do not hesitate.. go ahead..!”

Mr. Kathikeyan, a bachelor :

“Very good for bachelors. We get tasty, home-made food, with good quality and home delivery PLUS, very economically priced, compared to hotels.”

Simple cooking form Home Kitchen, Veg Biriyani was good with Excellant Raita mixed with proper curd & onion was never runny. Was very distant from my place but received on time by their own delivery staff. The chinese combo was excellent.


Home Food! Home food! Highly recommended for any North Indian living in this area. North Indian thali was good, quantity was more than enough for me. Thali was delivered hot and fresh. Nicely packed, no spill of items. Definitely will recommend this place to my friends! To Mr Raja, Keep serving good food sir, you’re our saviour!

Vasu Jain

Came all the way from Perambur to taste their food after hearing positive reviews. Aloo paratha took a little time to come but the taste was amazing!!!! The potato gravy was damn tasty.

Ashwin Kumar

Amazing and super soft chapati ? We got to order more for my parents who are 60+, they very very happy and they mentioned it to have such homely taste and best.

Aarthi Kunisi

Good North Indian food at best price

Prakash Mohan

A complete place for North Indian in South region, you will find good North dishes, staff also knows Hindi and they also deliver food at very low cost.

Yash Gupta

Folks, you must try this place! Fantastic is my feedback.

Ganesh PS

Simple, tasty food

Haseeb Modi

Soft chappati and great side dishes. Even, idli, sambar and chutneys are also tasty.

Senthil Kumar

It was raining but still they managed to deliver the order. Kudos to them!!

Karthick Swamy